What We Do

Fixman is a registered contractor active in building, construction finishes, project management, and real estate development.
With a specialty in offices, we have finished to perfection hundreds of projects.


We believe that a cozy and comfortable work environment is good for business. Since most people spend substantial amounts of their time in the office, we assure that their offices are beautifully finished, pleasant, and comfy. Building finishes are a complex and challenging process that calls for perfect coordination and maximum precision. It is a super important phase because it determines how the space will look like once work is over, and every item is in place. Highly experienced in building and construction finishes, we work with the best professionals in the field as our managers carefully oversee every step of the way until perfect completion and delivery.

Because our approach is different, and we are so meticulous about the quality of work, we decided to become our own contractor. We believe that sound project management requires: professional knowledge to a great degree, order and organization, monitoring and control, handpicked professionals and materials, as well as building a detailed schedule and consistently meeting it throughout the project phases.

Fixman is a registered contractor, and as such, we adhere to the most rigorous standards with an extra emphasis on safety. We use the best building materials the market offers and conduct in-house quality assurance processes to make sure that every client gets exactly what they came for, tailored to their needs, programs, and specifications.



Fixman’s activity in the real estate sector is multifaceted and also includes real estate development.
As a developer and entrepreneur, Fixman is the focal point for all steps and stages relating to the planning and construction of a new real estate venture. Leveraging such investments requires smart strategic planning, sound management, and first-class execution. With Fixman’s many years of real estate expertise, we have successfully developed a myriad of exceptional projects.

Fixman’s subsidiary is an expert in urban renewal.
To every TAMA 38 project, we bring not only our many years of professionalism and excellence but also our frank and familial approach that comes down to one simple belief – an outstanding urban renewal project is based on reciprocity and alliance between all parties. And, to make things even simpler, Fixman is both the developer and the contractor, meaning that the residents have one address for all their needs – Fixman – a solid, steady pillar throughout the process.

Bringing Fixman’s planning and building expertise to every TAMA 38 project, our mission is not only to reinforce and strengthen the building and realize its full potential but also to improve the residents’ safety and quality of living. These principles guide our way to successful urban renewal projects, which we proudly lead.

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